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Romans 10:17  (NKJV)

 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

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God’s Power is Your Answer!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Do You Have a Strong or Weak Spirit?

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Lukes 9 Meals!

Let’s Share Communion Together

From Sunday, March 3, 2019


Special Message

Let’s Pray Together!

How To Pray For Your Future


30 Strength Scriptures - Repeat and Grow Strong!


Messages on Demand



Life of Jesus


Jesus in the Garden of Eden

Part 1


Impossible is Possible

Part 2


A New Kind of Life!

Part 3


God Loves You!


The Emotions of God

Part 1


The 7 Ways To Receive Your Healing | Sovereign Acts of God | Part 2


The 7 Ways To Receive Your Healing | Part 3


You Have God’s Faith

Part 4


Book Of Proverbs


Proverbs Chapter 1

New Beginning


Proverbs Chapters 2-5

Your Are A Winner


Proverbs Chapter 6

Insight From God


Proverbs Chapter 7-9

Soaring with God - A Higher Way of Living


Proverbs Chapters 10-12

Fun & Road of Success!


Proverbs Chapters 13-14

Promotions, Deposits, How to Increase


Proverbs 15

Handling Difficult & Angry People, You’re a Pillow?



Christmas Series - Christmas Carols/Hymns - Your Power in Praise


The First Noel

“Your Power in Praise”

Invading Hell & Exciting Heaven


The First Noel | 2

Shepherds, Wise Men & You

Part 2


Joy To The World

You Are Not A Mistake, God Loves You

Part 3


Silent Night

Peace Belongs To You | Part 4


Christmas Message

Mary Did You Know

Gods Gifts To You | Part 5


Christmas Eve

Candlelight Service

Grab a candle and join us!

2018 World Missions Conference

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 8.33.12 PM.png

Pastor Amos Wong



Gary Crowl

I’m Not A Missionary


World Missions


Sending & Going


Ellson Bennett

Navajo Nation


Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Part 1 - Gifts of the Holy Spirit are For Everyone!


Part 2 - Pastor David Prays for Your Healing! How to Cooperate with the Holy Spirit.


Part 3 - Definitions of All 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Pastor David’s Voice?


Part 4 - Working of Miracles!


Lead Like Jesus



Don’t Be A Boss, Be A Leader, Like Jesus

From Believers Staff Meeting


The Holy Spirit with Carol Joy


Part 1 - The Spirit inside You and The Spirit upon You


Part 2 - The Grand Entrance | Acts of the Holy Ghost


Part 3 - How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit Today!

It’s Easy


Part 4 - Why Tongues | 10 Reasons of having You Heavenly Language



Let's Share Communion Together

Join the Online Believers Family and share a special time of Communion.



Growing Up Spiritually

Part 1 - Are You a Spiritual Baby, Child or Adult?

Part 2 - 3 Ways to See If You are Spiritual Mature

Part 3 - Walking and Growing with Your Father


Part 4 - Christ's Love VS Human Love



Jesus Said 490 

PART 1 - How to Forgive others with power.

PART 2 - The importance of Forgiving Yourself.

PART 3 - Jesus said to forgiveness is strength, power and healing. FLove!



Heroes of Faith

Hebrews 11

Part 1 - Abraham - How to trust God

Part 2 - David - The War of Words

Part 3 - Noah - Standing in the Storm


Part 4 - Moses - Faith for Your Destiny


Part 5 - Rehab - Faith for Your Future


Part 6 - Jesus - The Champion of Our Faith


How to

Pray God's Word

Part 1 - Praying Scripture

Part 2 - Sleeping Well? - You are Anointed!

Part 3 - Ephesians is the Royal Book of Prayer


Part 4 - God is Well Able - Ephesians 3



Worth Fighting For - Faith for Relationships

Part 1 - Are Great Relationships Possible? Yes!

Part 2 - How to Fight Fair in Relationships

Part 3 - 3 Ways to have Fun in Relationships


Part 4 - Never Give Up! & How to Stay Pure



How To Be A Christian

New Characteristics

Part 1 - A Passion for His Presence

Part 2 - A Deep Craving to Reach the Lost

Part 3 - Sincere Integrity


Part 4 - Spirit Filled Faith - Walking on a Wire


Part 5 - Greatness & the 3 Step Humility Dance


Part 6 - You Are A Warrior For Jesus Christ



First Things First

Priorities in Life

Part 1 - Number 1 Priority For the New Year

Part 2 - The Best Year of Your Life

Part 3 - Important People, Relationships & Priorities 


Part 4 - How to Have 100% Success Rate in Your Life



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