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Local, World & Digital Missions

Reaching people far from God


We Love people because Jesus Christ loves people...not just people that attend our church, and not just people that believe the same way we do. The great commission that God set at the forefront of every believer's life's mission, is to love people. This is the opposite of a selective club where we face inward to only care about ourselves. Jesus' life was faced outward and filled with outreach because He loved people. That's why outreach is so important to us at Believers International Church. We love people and we go reach people far from God, no matter what.

Reaching the Unreached.

Our Heartbeat is Missions.


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Local Missions

There is no doubt that small things done with great love can change the world. A random act of kindness with no strings attached is a great way to show the love of Jesus to those around us. Kindness builds the bridge for the person to receive a touch of love from God. It's simple, practical, effective, inexpensive and fun! Let ‘s take a few minutes each day to reach out to others around us and show the love of Jesus. This will change our communities for Jesus Christ.

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World Missions

We give of our time, prayer and finances to missionaries around the world. We have missions opportunities available every year for you to go to end others into the world for Jesus Christ. We also have a World Missions Conference, with the emphasis of equipping God's People to go to all the world for Jesus Christ. And much more to come!


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Digital Missions

We are engaging in Digital Missions to spread God's truth and love around the world. By leveraging technology, we’re able to reach the world for Christ in ways that weren’t possible in the past including: Believers International Church Online on the Believers Youtube channel, television, social media platforms, and much more.


Reaching All Nations


We are ALL

Goers & Senders

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Psalm 67 Living Bible (TLB)
67 O God, in mercy bless us; let your face beam with joy as you look down at us.
2 Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind. 3 How everyone throughout the earth will praise the Lord! 4 How glad the nations will be, singing for joy because you are their King and will give true justice to their people! 5 Praise God, O world! May all the peoples of the earth give thanks to you. 6-7 For the earth has yielded abundant harvests. God, even our own God, will bless us. And peoples from remotest lands will worship him.

Whether we go to the people next door, to the people on our jobs, on short term missions trips, to live in another nation, we need to be available to go wherever God wants us too. We need to reach all people on the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

There is a spirit of going and a spirit of sending in the Body of Christ today. People in every nation need to hear that God loves them and Jesus Christ is the way to connect to God. Some people will sense a call to go to nations, either on short term trips or to live. Others will sense a call to stay home to support those going into the harvest fields of the earth and sending the digital message of Jesus Christ around the world. This is also a call from God to supply the means for others to go to keep them in the harvest fields and to build a digital team to send the gospel out all over the world. Now we all need to be senders, and in one sense we can all be goers, because when we send somebody or the digital message we go too. This is the joy of all of us working together for the gospel of Jesus Christ.



We pray for over 24 different missionaries through out the world.

Prayer Support

Believers International Church prays for over 24 different missions works and nations all over the world. We are always praying for different areas of the world as the Holy Spirit directs us. If you would like us to pray for your country please contact us.

Financial Support

Believers International Church supports missions works as the Lord Jesus leads.

Just a few international missions works we support at this time are:

Islands of the South Pacific Ocean

Uttermost Ministries - James & Pattie Duininck Ahkui

Many Bible Schools, missionaries, students and a national churches.


To protect the missionaries, workers and churches working in China there is no information available at this time. For more information please contact Believers International Church missions department.

Navajo Nation (USA)

Covenant of Faith - Ellson Bennett

Native American Indian church, ministries and missionary family.

We give to many other missionaries as God leads us,


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Sending the Message to the World

Would you like to help one of our local churches, or send someone to the foreign mission field, or help supply digital equipment to get the message of Jesus Christ to the world? We encourage you to pray about how you can help us get this message of Jesus Christ to all the world.